Debdatta Chowdhury

Assistant Professor in Gender Studies

Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta
R–1, Baishnabghata Patuli Township, Kolkata – 700 094, India

Tel : +91 (0)33 2462 7252 / 5794 / 5795 / 2436 8313 / 7794 / 95 / 97
Room Extn. : 312 Fax : +91 (0)33 2462 6183
Email : debdatta@cssscal.org

Debdatta Chowdhury did her Bachelor of Arts in History from Presidency College, Kolkata in 2005 and completed her Master of Arts in South and Southeast Asian Studies from University of Calcutta in 2007. Thereafter, she completed her PhD from the University of Westminster London in 2014. Her thesis was titled, ‘Marginal Lives, Peripheral Practices: A Study of Border Narratives Along the West Bengal-Bangladesh Border’. She has been associated as a Guest Faculty in Area Studies and History in University of Calcutta and Diamond Harbour Women’s University respectively. Her research interests include: socio-political and socio-legal study of cartographic borders between states and how diverse identities converge at borderland spaces to form unique narratives.

The scope of understanding borderland issues in the context of their geostrategic importance and vulnerability remains at the heart of her interest.The case of the India-Bangladesh border, and South Asian borders at large are of special interest due to the complex fabric of these borders, most of which are results of postcolonial state formations and, hence, undeniably significant areas for understanding the mechanism and nature of such state-formation processes. Related and other areas of interest are: study of border narratives from the perspective of subjectivity (including gender, ethnic, religious and caste identities), migration discourses, displacement and resettlement politics and policies, geopolitics, oral histories, narrative theories and feminist discourses.