List of Holidays

The Service Rules Committee of the Centre has noted the following days as holidays for the Calendar year 2017.The Centre will remain closed on the following days. The Centre remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Occasion Date Day Number of Days
Netaji's Birthday 23rd January Monday 01
Republic Day 26th January Thursday 01
Saraswati Puja 1st February Wednesday 01
Holi/Doljatra 13th March Monday 01
Good Friday 14th April Friday 01
May Day 1st May Monday 01
Buddha Purnima 10th May Wednesday 01
Idul Fitr 26th June Monday 01
Independence Day 15th August Tuesday 01
Mahalaya 19th September Tuesday 01
Durga Puja 27th September Wednesday 01
Durga Puja 28th September Thursday 01
Durga Puja 29th September Friday 01
Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October Monday 01
Durga Puja 3rd October Tuesday 01
Durga Puja 4th October Wednesday 01
Lakshmi Puja 5th October Thursday 01
Deepavali 19th October Thursday 01
Christmas Day 25th December Monday 01

Total—19 Days