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The Library

The Library comprises the Centre’s own collection as well as that of the Eastern Regional Centre of ICSSR. It is primarily meant for researchers / teachers in the social sciences including postgraduate students, and serves over 590 registered members from various institutions and some 40+ in–house members. In–house members enjoy book–borrowing facilities whereas members from other institutions are readers only. External members may also make a limited number of photocopies upon payment of Re.1/- per A–4 page of text material (chapters of books, articles in journals). Government reports can not be photocopied, but printouts of reports available in the Library on CD–ROM are delivered upon payment. No membership fees are charged to any member. The Library is open for users from 1030 to 1730 on all working days.

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General Collection :

Housed on two floors in the main building, this has over 30,000 books, monographs and government reports, 175 journals and 12 daily newspapers, and around 3,500 working papers from various institutions in India and abroad. Here is a retrospective list of periodical holdings.

We have digitized our Occasional Papers to enhance access( especially remote access) & usage. We have made an arrangement with the Institute of Development Studies, London (IDS) & they have launched the digital copies of our Occasional Papers.

World Bank Collection :

The Library has been a depository of all World Bank publications since 1995 and receives through this arrangement all formal World Bank publications in printed as well as electronic format. A database of WB publications is in the making. The list of electronic media from the World Bank is given in the Database Section of this page.

OECD Collections :

The Library has a small collection of OECD / IDS publications. A computerized database of the collection has been prepared using CDS / ISIS software in DOS format, which is accessible by users.

UNDP Collections :

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) provides its Human Development Reports to the Centre in hard copies. Besides this the Library has two other databases, the Human Development Database (Version 1.1) and the Human Development Report CD–ROM containing the Human Development Statistical Database 1999 and full text HDR 1990–1999.

Government Reports :

Government publications constitute an important resource for social science research. The Library has a rich source of such data in its collection of Census Reports since 1911.


Bibliographic Databases

OVID–ECONLIT— 1969–July 2001
Sociological Abstracts— 1963
ISID RRCD(Contains references [without abstracts] of 82 Indian social science journals from their inception to 2000)
Database on Child Abuse, Child Adoption & Child Welfare(1965–February 2001)
American Economic Review Vol. 98, No. 1 — Vol. 90, No. 4
Journal of Economic Perspective Vol. 13, No. 1 — Vol. 14, No. 3

Demographic/ Statistical Databases

Human Development Report CD–ROM: 1990–1999
World Data on Education (UNESCO)
Census of India – 1991
In diskettes: (Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim & Tripura, TamilNadu, U.P., UTs, West Bengal.)
NSSO Reports # 455 – # 459, 462, 470
In diskettes: 401, 402, 403(1), 404, 405, 407, 409 – 416, 422–423, 426
Global Competitiveness Report 2001–2002
CMIE: First Source
Building a Culture of Prevention – National Disaster Response Plan, 2001
South India Population Information System (SIPIS) Tamil Nadu – Pondicherry
Reserve Bank of India (Standing Committee on) International Financial Standards & Codes (2002)
City One: the Audio Archive
Delhi: a select Bibliography

The World Bank e–documents

World Development Sources: 1996 & 1997–1
World Development Report 1978–2003
Global Development Finance — 1999, 2001–2002
World Development Indicators — 1999, 2001–2002
World Bank Africa Database — 2000–2003
Tools for Education Policy Analysis
Resource Guide for Greening Industry
Trade Can (Database & Software for a Competitiveness Analysis of Nations (1999); (2002)
Products & Services for the Private Sector
Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Coral Reefs: Decision Support Modeling (2000)
Port Reform Toolkit
INFRISK: A computer simulation for Risk Analysis in infrastructure Project Finance
Financial Management & Disbursement in World Bank Financed Projects: Self–Learning Program Version 1.0
Procurement in World Bank World Bank Financed Projects: Self–Learning Program Version 4.0
The Micro–finance Revolution Vol. 1 & 2
Understanding & Measuring Social Capital: a multidisciplinary tool for practitioners
Development, Trade and the WTO– a Handbook (A database on Trade – Production, 1976–1999)
China: Air Land & Water–Main Report & background papers
For further details contact the Librarian.