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Centre for Training and Research in Public Finance and Policy

What We Do

  • Academic Activities
    • Promoting Research and Policy Studies related to Contemporary Fiscal Affairs.
    • Continuous evaluation of Revenue Implications, Incidence Impact and Greater Economic and Social Implications of Specific Fiscal Measures/ Policies involving Budgetary Support of Governments
    • Investigating implications of fiscal policies for different sectors of the economy
    • Comparative analysis of tax systems
    • Program Impact Evaluation of government policies
    • Cost-benefit analysis of programs
  • Training Activities
    • Providing theoretical and empirical training to potential researchers in public finance
    • Providing a module for taxation studies within the existing Research Methods in Quantitative Economics (RMQE) program
  • Seminars and Short-term Workshops
    • Organizing regular seminars on public economics and taxation issues involving both academic experts and practitioners
    • Hosting short duration workshops related to taxation and public finance issues
  • Networking with other institutes, NGOs, corporate, banks, financial institutions etc.
    • Academic interaction with universities and research and training institutes, both within the country and outside, for undertaking collaborative research
    • Generating in-house academic publications on taxation and public finance issues
    • Disseminating information on taxation and public finance issues through occasional newsletters
  • Database Management and creation of a knowledge hub in Taxation and Public Finance.
    • Holding a repository of database and documents related to taxation and public finance issues.
  • Research Mentoring and Policy Advocacy
    • Mentoring of young post-doctoral fellows in taxation and public finance through outreach program
    • Disbursing small research grants to individual researchers and policymakers to do research in public finance and policy 
  • Support to Department of Revenue
  • Providing technical support in analysis, evaluation, etc. on request to Department of Revenue, GOI, Department of Finance, GOWB and other states.


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